Local Plan Team

The Central Lancashire Local Plan Team has been created and jointly funded by the three local authorities (and in-part with the Planning and Housing Delivery Grant) specifically to undertake the work required to deliver the review of the local plan until adoption.

The team is accountable to all three authorities and is made-up of a Coordinator leading a team of four, reporting back to each home team and guiding the process forward. Two of the team are dedicated Policy Planners, creating key documents that will evidence, inform and back-up the Local Plan, as well assessing the sites submitted by the public through the Call for Sites and later consultations. The team is supported by a Technical Officer who manages the content for the website and runs the administrative structure, whilst the Programme Officer will come in at a later stage to oversee the examination phase. The team is jointly responsible for formulating the agenda and producing reports for meetings of the Central Lancashire Strategic Planning Joint Advisory Committee.

They are the first point of enquiries, information requests or complaints pertaining to the plan, you can contact the team on 01257 515555 or by email to CentralLancashirePlan@chorley.gov.uk. The team will be represented in person at future public consultations, exhibitions or examinations for face-to-face engagement and enquiries.

Please note that as the Central Lancashire Team is employed directly by Chorley Borough Council, enquiries and complaints will be handled in-line with their Customer Charter.

You may however wish to submit comments or concerns instead to your local councillor or other elected members on the Central Lancashire Strategic Planning Joint Advisory Committee.

Updated on 06 April 2021