Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Co-Operation

Notice of Extension of Time to the Consultation on the approach for the Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Co-Operation

As a direct response to feedback received, Preston City Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley Council are reopening the Central Lancashire housing distribution consultation, as described below.


The Central Lancashire authorities welcome comments and feedback on the below approach during a 5 week consultation period, running from 00.01 am Monday 9th December 2019 until Monday 13th January 2020 at 11.59pm.

Please provide your responses via email to:

Please note that responses already received will be duly considered. However should a respondent wish to add to their submission during the extended time, this is also welcome.

Proposals Regarding the Provision and Distribution of Housing Land

Recognising the relevant development plan policy relating to the supply of housing in Central Lancashire was adopted in 2012, the Central Lancashire authorities (namely Preston City Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley Council) propose to apply the standard method formula to calculate the aggregate minimum number of homes needed across the area. This is in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance.

It is proposed to do this through a Joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Statement of Co-operation (SOC) which will be ratified by all three Councils. If approved, the Councils will work together to monitor housing completions and five-year housing land supply positions against these requirements.

The three Councils intend to implement a distribution of housing based on robust evidence. A Central Lancashire Housing Study has been produced by consultants Iceni, and is available to view in our online evidence base.

The evidence contained within the Central Lancashire Housing Study recommends that the most appropriate distribution of the minimum number of homes needed in the area is as follows, this will be reviewed as the new local plan emerges and the spatial development policies are prepared:

Preston City Council


South Ribble Borough Council


Chorley Council