The Programme for Review of the Central Lancashire Local Plan details the intended timetable for future consultations, publications and representations. This page will be updated to record and provide news on when key milestones are reached.

For an up-to-date feed on the progress of the review, please check the latest news.

For a more in-depth, detailed monitoring of the progression of the Central Lancashire Local Plan and its implementation, see the latest Monitoring Report.

UPDATE: An updated LDS has been published in February 2019 with the revised timetale for all stages below:

Key Stage




Stage One

Issues and Options

(Regulation 18- statutory Consultation)





Consultation process involving engagement of all stakeholders, statutory (UU, EA, HE etc.) and non-statutory including public bodies, members of the public, developers etc.

This will include publication of the initial tranche of sites suggested for development.


Expected  Summer 2019



Consultation Period

July 2019-September 2019



Stage two

Preferred Options

(Regulation 18)






Following Issues and Options Consultation, further detailed consideration of the sites will be undertaken looking at consultation responses and review of existing policies and drafting of the new Local Plan policies will be undertaken.


This will conclude with a ‘Preferred Options’ draft Local Plan being published for consultation.



Expected Spring 2020




Consultation Period

March  2020 to May 2020





Stage Three

Publication Draft

(Regulation 19)



The new draft Local Plan, the Integrated Appraisal and statement of consultation along with any topic papers and


Expected early 2021.


Consultation Period

January 2021 to March 2021





Stage four

Submission Stage



Collation of final responses to the publication stage and submission to the Planning Inspectorate ahead of the examination in public.


Submission to the Planning Inspectorate expected May 2021




This will follow the examination in public which is expected to last between 6 and 12 months. The length of time depends on the representations made and the extent to which the Inspector requires further work to be undertaken and/or modifications to the draft plan.

 Expected by June 2022


Updated on 05 February 2019