Core Strategy

Central Lancashire Adopted Core Strategy

The Central Lancashire Core Strategy has been produced by the Central Lancashire authorities of Preston, South Ribble and Chorley, with assistance from Lancashire County Council.

The Core Strategy is a key document in Central Lancashire’s Local Development Framework. Its purpose is to help co-ordinate development in the area and contribute to boosting investment and employment. Above all it is a strategic policy document and will encourage sustainable managed growth, whilst protecting and enhancing green spaces and access to open countryside, enhancing Central Lancashire’s character as a place with ‘room to breathe’.

The Core Strategy is a clear statement of the positive benefits of joint working in Chorley, South Ribble and Preston. It is a single strategy for Central Lancashire, and the Councils are committed to applying the policies consistently. Joint working makes sense because the three Districts have much in common, including their transport networks, and shared housing, employment and retail markets.


Updated on 06 January 2023