Part One

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CHSD - Submission Documents
CHSD1 Employment Land Study

The Central Lancashire Employment Land Study (November 2017) was a required study to provide a common evidence base for all three local authorities on employment matters, to compliment the Strategic Housing Market Assessment. The evidence will be used to support the development of Local Plan documents for Central Lancashire. It meets the requirement, set out in paragraph 158 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

CHSD2 Strategic Housing Market Assesment

GL Hearn (GLH) and Justin Gardner Consulting (JGC) were commissioned by Preston City Council, Chorley Council and South Ribble Borough Council to develop a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA). The purpose of the SHMA is to develop a robust understanding of housing market dynamics, to provide an assessment of future needs for both market and affordable housing and the housing needs of different groups within the population.

The SHMA does not set housing targets, instead it provides an assessment of the need for housing, informing housing targets which will be set in local plans. The SHMA forms part of an evidence base in considering whether housing targets should be reviewed, but any review of the housing targets set out in local plans, or in this case in the Central Lancashire Joint Core Strategy, if required would need to take into account factors such as the supply of land for new development, Green Belt and other nationally and internationally significant landscapes and environmental designations, local infrastructure capacity and environmental constraints as appropriate.

CHE - Evidence Document
CHE1 Open Space Assessment Report

Central Lancashire's Open Space Assessment Report was prepared for the three authorities making up Central Lancashire (Preston City Council, Chorley Council and South Ribble Council). It provides detail with regard to what open space provision exists in the area, its condition, distribution and overall quality. This document sets out the findings of the research, consultation, site assessments, data analysis and GIS mapping undertaken as part of the study.

Published: Summer 2019.

CHE2 Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report

The three Central Lancashire authorities of Chorley, Preston and South Ribble commissioned this report to assess outdoor sport facility needs across the individual local authority areas. It will provide the necessary robustness and direction to inform decisions affecting the provision of outdoor sports facilities and playing pitches within each authority and will result in the production one assessment report and one strategy document. Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) Assessment Report. It presents a supply and demand assessment of playing pitch and other outdoor sports facilities in Central Lancashire in accordance with Sport England’s PPS Guidance: An approach to developing and delivering a PPS.


Published: Summer 2019.

CHE3 Chorley Open Space Standards Paper

This is the Open Space Standards Paper prepared for Chorley Council. It follows on from the preceding Open Space Assessment Report. Together, the two documents provide an evidence base to help inform the future provision for open spaces in Chorley. This study is intended to assist in the Councils process of reviewing its adopted Local Plan for the area. Given the potential scale of growth in the area, and the implications such growth may have on existing provision, it is important for the Council to have clarity over existing levels of open space and what types of provision should be delivered. This document helps identify the deficiencies and surpluses in existing and future open space provision up to 2036. In addition, it should help inform an approach to securing open space facilities through new housing development and help form the basis for negotiation with developers for contributions towards the provision of open spaces.


Published: Summer 2019.

CHE4 Playing Pitch Strategy and Action Plan

This is the Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) and Action Plan for Central Lancashire which incorporates the three local authorities of Chorley, Preston and South Ribble and their partners. Building upon the preceding Playing Pitch Assessment Report it provides a clear, strategic framework for the maintenance and improvement of existing outdoor sports pitches and ancillary facilities.


Published: Summer 2019.

CHE5 Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment

Arc4 was commissioned to undertake the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) on behalf of the three authorities within the Central Lancashire partnership; Preston, South Ribble and Chorley.

The GTAA analyses the latest available evidence to identify the accommodation needs of Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople across Central Lancashire. The GTAA has comprised a number of evidence sources to map out current provision and future need.


Published: Summer 2019.

CHE6 Preston Retail Study

White Young Green was commissioned by Preston and Chorley Councils in 2018 to undertake a Retail and Leisure Study covering the Central Lancashire Region. A separate Retail and Leisure Study has already been prepared on behalf of South Ribble Council in 2017.

The Study acts as an evidence base to assist in the formulation of future development plan policy within the new Central Lancashire Local Plan.

The paper includes the accompanying document: Appendices to the Preston Retail Study

Published: Summer 2019

CHE7 Preston City Transport Plan

The Preston City Transport Plan presents a long-term strategy for reducing congestion, providing for better public transport, and transforming the city and the wider sub-region’s streets and spaces. 

It recognises Preston’s recent economic growth and future significant development ambitions, and its importance at a sub-regional and pan-Lancashire level, including the city’s inter relationships across the Northern Powerhouse and nationally.

With a 20-year vision, it looks further into the future, setting out an ambitious programme of proposals to transition the city from a car-dominated network to a multi-modal network, reducing congestion and bolstering productivity, with added inclusivity, and helping Preston to become an ‘accessible’ city and a healthy environment to live, work and play.


Published: Lancashire County Council, 2019.

CHE8 Central Lancashire Housing Study

Iceni Projects were commissioned to prepare this Housing Study in the context that the Councils of Central Lancashire were at an early stage of the preparation of the Review of the Central Lancashire Local Plan and there was a need to bring together key evidence in respect of housing need. This study was commissioned to update and develop elements of the analysis set out in the Central Lancashire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (September 2017) and principally do two things:

  • Advise on the scale of housing need and the interim distribution of housing across Central Lancashire to inform a revised Memorandum of Understanding; and
  • Provide a robust up-to-date evidence base regarding the scale, type and mix of housing which is needed to inform the development of the local plan and consideration of the housing mix on individual development sites.

Published: October 2019.